Welcome to the St. Louis Trail Running website!

This purpose of this website is to provide information about running trails in the St. Louis area (hence the name).  As an alternate purpose, it will provide limited information on trails around the country for which my fellow "Trail Heads" have run and documented. 

When I started trail running, I found it somewhat difficult to find information about trails in the St. Louis area that were good for running.  Hopefully, this website will give both newcomers and experienced trail runners more information than they previously had about trails in the area and about trail running in general.

If I succeed in accomplishing the purpose of this website, it should also provide the following:

Another item of importance for this website is the definition of a "trail."  In the context of trail running, my definition is as follows:

running trail - any unpaved path by which a runner may traverse and usually having the distinct characteristic of multiple hills.  Only the runners lack of physical or mental ability should impede the runner's forward progression on such a trail.

This definition leaves enough room for interpretation so that more trails my qualify as "running trails" but still rule out "trails" such as Grant's Trail (which is flat and paved, albeit a trail based on its history).  It is not my intention to catalog trails that do not fit into the basic definition above.

So, head on over to one of the Trail pages to check out the trails.  If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to use the Contact page.

See you on the trail, 

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