25K Chubb Race Report

Me on 1st loop looking relatively well.  This is at about mile 4.

If you live in Missouri, you know all the recent flooding we've had.  Well, the Chubb wasn't immune as it goes along the Meramec River.  Due to this, the Park Rangers/People in charge of the Lone Elk Park decided the portion of the Chubb going along the river was to be closed.  Therefore, the 25K/50K Double Chubb ended up being the Quadruple Chubb.  We basically did two loops (for the 25K) of the West Tyson side of the Chubb trail.  You know...the HARDEST side!  The 50K people did four loops. 

Running in a pack going into 1st Aid station.

1st Loop - 7 miles / 1:30

The first loop went relatively well.  I'm not used to running with other people, let alone a big group of people so finding my stride in a pack, on a trail, going up hills was somewhat of a challenge.  I feel like I ran the first loop pretty slow with around a 13 min/mile pace.  I was a little worried about not running too fast too early so I sort-of sat back while I could have gone faster. 

The course was a bit muddy in the beginning and would obvisouly get much worse as the loops starting adding up.  It was fun though and it adds some excitement to it.

At 1 hour I decided to take an S-Cap even though I was feeling OK.  I didn't want to start cramping as my body likes to do around mile 10. 

2nd Loop - 14 miles / 3:22

The second loop started with my legs starting to cramp.  At the start/finish aid station, I downed some gatoraide and fig newtons.  Shortly after that, I took another S-Cap hoping to get passed the cramps.  At around mile 8, my legs really started to tighten up.  Any sudden movement other than the usual forward strides caused muscles to sieze up.  If you've ever run on a trail, you know that unusual movements are part of it.  So, bearing it, I pressed forward in hopes they'd soon go away.

Around mile 9 I had drank all the water in my camelbak at which time I called myself a few names for not putting more water in but I knew that wasn't the cause of my pain.  I really think the root cause of my cramps was a lack of hydration the few days prior to the race.  I was simply not drinking water.  For what reason I have no idea.  During the race, I think I drank enough as my body was certainly going through it easily.  I was sweating up to about mile 9 and suddenly stopped.  The fluid I was putting into my stomach wasn't sloshing so I know it wasn't a lack of salt (S-Cap).  My body was absorbing it but I suppose it just wasn't enough.  I still don't know what for certain caused it but better hydration before would have certainly helped.

Going into the last aid station looking rough.

I hit the last aid station at mile 10 and asked for advice on the cramps.  I got all the advice I already knew (electrolytes, salt, massage).  I had done 2 of them and didn't have time for the other so I ate a potato slice dipped in salt, drank some water and gatorade, and pressed on.  Have I mentioned that I hate cramps? 

The last 3 miles saw a few people pass me while I was struggling to stay limber.  I felt like I had enough energy but my legs didn't want to relax.  The last part of the loop is the Chinkapin trail which is pretty tough.  I think I could have easily done without that trail.  If you've run the Lone Elk side of the Chubb then you know the initial descent there and ascent coming back.  The Chinkapin trail is like that hill except a bit worse.  Anyway, walking up that at mile 13 was cruel but at least I was almost finished.

I came in at 3 hours and 22 mins for 35th overall.  Let me just say that there are some in-shape old people out there.  Seriously, I was the second youngest person running out there and I got it handed to me but some 50 and 60 year olds.  It was quite the humbling experience.  I learned a lot and I finished which were my two primary goals in going out there.

Something I didn't really expect were the amount of "Looking Good!" and "Keep it up" I got for nearly everyone that I crossed paths with.  It's true what they say about the ultrarunning community:  they are a different breed.

So, I'm a bit embarrased at the results but here they are:  results

Here is my motionbased activity:  25K MB Activity

I'm not sure what my next "race" will be but I've learned I've got a lot more training to do and weight to lose.

Some other Misc. pictures:

Can you see me???

Where's Jeremy???



Sister Sheila
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the picture above very top right with knit cap on, the picture below very top left...but then again, jeremy you are unforgettable. CONGRATULATIONS....keep on runnin'!"

Love Wrapped In Hugs,
EDIT: No one needs to know about "the leaf"...
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