Mooner's Hollow Trail - St. Francois State Park

Summary: Mooner's Hollow Trail is one of a few trails at St. Francois State Park.  The Trail is actually quite nice for a hiking trail but poses a somewhat "ankle twisting" challenge for those runners traversing it.  I would not call it a difficult trail but if you're looking for an easy jog, this isn't for you...but who is, really?  It runs by a creek that you'll have to jump through a few times but I managed to not get wet or fall on my face while hopping.  

Distance: ~2.9m

Difficulty: Moderate


Below is a Google Map of the GPS Track for this trail.  You can navigate this map using the "navigation icons" at the top left or by dragging the map with your mouse.  By clicking on the "Pin" icon, you can get directions to the trail head.  Moving your mouse over the diamonds shows you at what mile that point is on the track.  Please wait, as the map may take a few seconds to load. 

Click here for a full screen Google Map

Trail Map:

francois trail map thumbnail


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