Jeremy Slatton

Name:  Jeremy Slatton

Age:  28

Height/Weight:  5'10" / 178 lbs

Current Mileage:  20 MPW

Immediate Goals:  With 2 kids, run any time I can.  Get into a routine.  Stop eating so much :)

Future Goals:  50 miler, Probably Berryman

Races:  Double Chubb 50k, Chubb 25k, Castewood Cup

My Gear:  While I'm hardly a definitive source on the best Trail Running gear to have, I figure something is better than nothing for the beginner.  Here is what is working for me so far:


Garmin Forerunner 205


Vasque Blur SL


Lobo Camelbak - 70 oz.


Sansa Clip+

    Clothes:  Whatever is comfortable 


My Motivation:  As only a means of encouragement, I provide the following information about myself:

I've never been much of a long distance runner.  In high school, I ran the 400m, 4x400m, and the 800m.  My best time for the 400m was around 49s while the 800 was 2:07.  I've always been a sprinter at heart but I was always beat off the gun by others in the 100m.  I ran cross-country one year in high school and my best 5k was a time of 21:07; nothing close to the 15:00s and 16:00s the better runners were putting up.

I say all this to give you an idea of the kind of runner I am and the kind of running I battle every time I go out on the trail.  I have fast-twitch muscles that love to start and stop and go in bursts.  I loved it then, I hate it now.  But it can't all be blamed on my muscles.  My mind is very accustomed to starting and stopping and going in bursts as well.  It would suffice to say that I am by no means a "good" long distance runner.  Heck, I don't even know if you can categorize me as a "long distance" runner, but as I get older both physically and mentally, I'm recognizing my short-comings and realizing the benefit of long distance opposed to sprinting.  I'm also recognizing that a goal I once thought unattainable is a real possibility: a marathon and/or an ultra and I'm happy to say it is now a reality.

Trail running has inspired me to first and foremost go outside and run.  It has broken me of the "road running" mindset of monotony.  It's not about speed, it's not about beating the guy in front of me; it's about beating myself out of my long held mindset of cannots and impossibilities.  It's about accomplishment and ever-striving to do better.  It's about the realization and understanding that this pain, this experience is but a blip on eternity.

Some would call it crazy to run an ultra-marathon.  I say it's no more crazy than sitting in front of a TV for hours wasting away the life God has given you.  So you keep being crazy and I'll keep being crazy and we'll never have to see each other's craziness.  Unless, of course, you'd like to be normal in which case you can find me on the trail :)

The sum of my motivation is best captured in the following scripture:

Romans 12:1
Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship.

See you on the trail...

  • Castlewood Cup 10mi - 2008  » Click to zoom ->

    Castlewood Cup 10mi - 2008

  • Pyscho Psummer 2009  » Click to zoom ->

    Pyscho Psummer 2009

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